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Open Source Projects

  • EC2 Metadata Extractor
    This script comes in handy during pen test engagements- it will walk the EC2 metadata and userdata endpoints and display a nicely formatted list of all the data contained therein.
  • BlackBerry Password Keeper Migration tool
    This tool will help you in the process of exporting passwords from BlackBerry Password Keeper to KeePass
  • BlackBerry Noted Database Viewer
    This tool will let you extract notes taken in the Noted note-taking application available on BB OS 10. Useful if you are migrating to Android and want to recover your notes
  • Certificate Password Recovery Tool
    This recovery tool will help you to recover a password if you remember some aspect of it. Written in C#.NET (4.0)
  • CPUGrab.NET
    This is an Open-Source, C#.NET replacement for Microsoft's CPUGrab.exe as distributed in their DirectShow SDK

  • Outlook Addin: Available Agility
    This tool plugs into outlook and will let you determine the amount of free (unscheduled) time in your calendar for the next week or 2 week period of time. It was designed to help me give better estimates about my availability when planning upcoming releases

  • Certificate Generator
    This is a Testing Tool meant to make it easy to create lots of certificates with different bit strengths, containers (DER/PKCS12) and hash algorithms (MD5/SHA/ECDSA). Written in C#.NET (4.0) utilizing BouncyCastle
  • jCalendarView / Outlook Availability Calculator
    This tool communicates with MS Exchange and determines how much free time you have in the next 'x' weeks. Comes in handy when doing sprint or other 'agile' team planning as estimates can take into account time that is unavailable before things even get started.
  • Java DependencyDownloader : Resolve and download dependencies without Maven
    This tool lets you resolve and download dependencies from a .pom file without having to install heavy-weight tools like Maven, Gradle or Ivy.

Web Applications