Pocket Bombs JS

What is this?

PocketBombs is a take on the old 'bomb-game' for the Newton Messagepad devices Apple used to make. A few years ago I remade the game for Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. Along the way I created a JavaScript variant which is what you see on this page.

The goal of the game is to take over all the squares. When you place enough bombs on a square it blows up and takes over the squares that are next to it. For reference:

  • Corners have a critical mass of 2 bombs
  • Side squares have a critical mass of 3 bombs
  • Regular squares have a critical mass of 4 bombs

How do I play?

It's pretty easy to start playing. Click the New Game link above and you will be able to select:

  • Number of players (either Human or Computer)
  • Gameboard theme
  • Whether or not you'd like a turn timeout (makes for a more fast-paced game!)
  • And last but not least, it lets you select your gameboard size.