BlackBerry Noted app - Database Viewer

As part of my continued migration to Android from BlackBerry OS 10 (and to try and pick a framework for cross-platform application development), I created a tool in both Electron as well as Qt variants to read and extract notes from the old Notepad application I used to use on BB 10 devices (Noted - Written by a friend of mine). While the user interface for this tool is not very sophisticated (especially the Electron version), it gets the job done.

About the Tool

Noted is a FANTASTIC notepad utility for BB OS10. Unfortunately there does not appear to be an Android version, so I can't just port my notes database over and keep working. This tool lets you view database backups from Noted.


This tool is released under the GPL-3.0 License. Supporting Qt components are licensed under the LGPL (Pretty much everything that is not the application itself)

System Requirements

Qt Build

  • Relatively recent Linux or Windows system (Buildable for Mac using QtCreator)
  • 75MB of HD space (decompressed)

Electron Build

  • A platform supported by electron (Modern Mac, Windows and Linux Distros)
  • 200MB of HD space (Electron has a lot of overhead)


There are not a lot of bells and whistles in this tool. To use it you just need to have a noted .nbak file that the tool can examine. Screenshots below are for the Qt version (The Electron UI is even rougher) Bulleted instructions:

  • Export an nbak file from Noted
  • Copy the nbak file to your computer
  • Open the bb-noted-viewer application on your system
  • Use the Select... button to select the nbak file
  • Click on any Category to view the Notes
  • At this point you can view any note by clicking on the note


  • Qt version: pull the right zip file from the RELEASE/QT folder on Github
  • Electron version: Grab the right zip file from the RELEASE/Electron folder on Github
  • To build for an alternate platform (or view the source), visit the BBNotedViewer folder on the Bored Wookie Tools repo