Windows 10 will not connect to WPA2 Enterprise after November update

I updated my laptop recently to find that my wifi connection stopped working. I run a pfSense machine which runs a FreeRADIUS server to handle authentication (with a goal of avoiding Microsoft's wifi credential sharing nonsense) and it looks like a recent MS update causes that to stop working.




Microsoft appears to have updated their authentication system to require TLS 1.2, which does not work with the version of Free RADIUS that comes bundled with pfSense.



Microsoft allows you to disable TLS 1.2 for EAP Authentication. To apply this work around:

  • Open RegEdit
  • Create this DWORD:
  • Set the value to C0 (That's the letter "C" and the number Zero (0))
  • Restart your computer


This caused a lot of frustration on my network and I'll need to come up with a better solution than just disabling TLS 1.2 as that's not viable long-term.